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Updates: Continuing Covid-19 pandemic in Washington state

This post will be updated with information about the coronavirus pandemic in Washington state. Scroll down for older information.

As of July 8, the Washington State Department of Health reports:

  • 1,438 Covid-19 related deaths; 40,656 confirmed cases (5.9% positive rate among those tested, and 3.5% death rate among positive cases). Note that tests have been limited, so there are likely more unreported cases.
  • The most heavily hit Western Washington counties have been King, Snohomish, and Pierce.
  • A cluster of Central Washington counties are getting hit particularly hard. Yakima County has a 26% positive rate among those tested (in contrast, King County has 5.8%); Franklin County is 28%; Benton County is 17%; and Grant County is 11%.
  • Compared to white people, the rate of Covid cases is three times higher for Black people, five times higher for Latinx people, and six times higher for Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders.
  • While the pandemic initially struck older populations hard, more recent surges in case numbers (June/July) have been driven by younger people -- ages 40 and below.

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Paid parking resumes in Seattle

8 a.m. -- Paid parking on Seattle streets resumes Monday, but at a reduced rate in many places.

It'll cost you 50 cents an hour to park and the city will keep that price in place for at least a month while managers review people's parking activity

Other cities like Tacoma and Redmond have already reinstated paid parking. Also, hourly time-limited parking will be re-enforced starting Monday.

For the first two weeks, they will be focused on education and voluntary compliance of paid parking as customers return to our neighborhood businesses.

Parking enforcement was halted as the pandemic initially struck the Seattle area.

--Angela King


UW cancels home opener football game

8:30 a.m. -- The UW football team's home opener against Michigan on September 5 has been canceled. The Big Ten conference announced Thursday that its teams won't be playing any non-conference games --maybe no games at all this fall because of the pandemic.

The University of Washington says this is the only change to the 2020 football season as of now. The Pac-12 Conference will likely move to conference-only season, according to ESPN.

--Angela King

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