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caption: KEXP50
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Credit: Courtesy of KEXP

Avoiding Seafair and The Blue Angels? You have options this weekend

It's Friday, and as we do each week we seek out recommendations for arts and culture events. This week, KUOW’s Kim Malcolm reached out to Stranger staff writer Jas Keimig.


KEXP is celebrating its 50th birthday at Seattle Center on Saturday from noon to 7 with a beer garden, food trucks, and live performances. KEXP has played obscure and celebrated, genre-pushing local music over the airwaves for the past 50 years. In this age of Spotify, algorithm playlists, and Pandora, I think it's really something to celebrate that KEXP has managed to flourish and grow on both a national and international stage for the past half century. I’m stoked to see the bands !!! (Chk Chk Chk), Tomo Nakayama, and LIVt.

caption: North Bend Film Fest
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North Bend Film Fest
Credit: Courtesy of North Bend Film Fest

North Bend Film Festival

Some of you may know North Bend from David Lynch's iconic TV series "Twin Peaks." It stood in as the town that the series is set in. The film festival really draws from that Lynchian sensibility. A lot of the programming is centered around the supernatural, the surreal, or horror. If you're into things that are a little bit out of bounds, the film festival runs through Sunday.

I have two films that I'm really stoked to see. One is called "Next Exit." It's a film set in a world where a scientist discovers definite proof of the afterlife. The other is called "Please Baby Please," which follows a couple from the 1950s who witness a murder and subsequently become the obsessive focus of a greaser gang. There's also going to be ghost hunting, and campfire conversations, and a strange storytelling hour.

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