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Jason Pagano

Assistant News Director


Jason Pagano is KUOW's Assistant News Director. He previously worked as a producer on local KUOW shows including The Conversation, Weekday, The Record, Morning Edition, Week in Review and Seattle Now.

Location: Seattle

Languages: English


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    West Seattle Water Taxi to the rescue

    You’ve probably seen video of the runaway barge in Elliot Bay last week slamming into Pier 66. The six-story wall of steel containers broke free in high winds and was headed towards the Great Wheel. Things could’ve been much worse if it wasn’t for the quick thinking of Captain Dan Krehbiel, steering a water taxi from West Seattle. We met up with him on the boat over the weekend.

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    Down to the wire

    We're about to throw open the gates for anyone over 16 to get vaccinated. And just in time, because young people are driving infections and the Governor might start rolling back the reopening as soon as today. We’ll get a pandemic reality check from UW epidemiologist Judith Malmgren.

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    Seattle Now: Hit the panic button?

    Western Washington had the first confirmed case of the COVID-19 coronavirus, and this weekend, the first reported deaths in the U.S. So what's a reasonable Seattleite supposed to do as more cases are expected? Guest: Dr. Clyde Crumpacker, infectious disease specialist and professor at Harvard Medical School

  • Friday Politics: Amazon's election money

    Amazon is playing a bigger role than ever in Seattle politics. How will it impact next week's election? KUOW's Angela King talks with political analysts Joni Balter and C.R. Douglas.