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Sarah Leibovitz

Supervising Producer, Soundside


Sarah is supervising producer on Soundside, KUOW's noontime show. She's produced shows on topics ranging from maritime law to the Ukraine invasion to why people like board games. Prior to working at KUOW, Sarah was lead producer at the Seattle podcast production company Larj Media, and a teaching artist with Path with Art.

Sarah is an alumni of The Evergreen State College, and Bard College at Simon’s Rock. You might have heard her DJing on KAOS community radio in Olympia, if you were listening at 5 a.m. on Sundays. When she’s not working, Sarah enjoys spending her time attempting various craft projects, hanging out with her cat Angus, or skateboarding around the neighborhood.

Location: Seattle

Languages: English

Pronouns: she/her


  • medical doctor hospital generic

    Washington's strained mental health care system prepares for another blow

    Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital in Tukwila has served an estimated 25 thousand patients in the decade it’s been open. It offers something in extremely short supply in Washington state: inpatient psychiatric care. But now, that service is going away. During an all-staff meeting last week, hospital officials announced the facility would be closing by the end of July.

  • caption: A quiet scene outside Amazon's Seattle headquarters.

    Amazon employees prepare to walk out... if they can get enough people

    On Monday, a group of Amazon workers at the company’s Seattle headquarters announced they would be walking off the job. In messages and emails sent to fellow employees, the group said they would be walking out on May 31, one week after the company’s annual shareholder meeting.

  • caption: The Washington Capitol in Olympia.

    WA Legislature votes on a Blake fix. Now drug courts have to adapt

    In the hours before Washington’s legislative session ended last month, House Democrats called a vote. It was for a fix to what’s called “The Blake Decision” -- a 2021 state Supreme Court ruling striking down Washington’s felony drug possession law. In response, legislators put in place a temporary fix that treated knowingly carrying drugs as a misdemeanor. That measure is set to expire July 1st. But as the clock ticked down on the regular session, the votes weren’t there. The State House failed to pass the bill, which threw the future of the state’s drug possession law into question – and prompted a number of cities and counties to start passing their own patchwork of regulations.

  • caption: Cinerama movie theater in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood.

    Seattle's 'Cathedral of Cinema' is coming back

    On Thursday the non-profit film and educational organization Seattle International Film Festival – aka SIFF – announced it had acquired the Seattle Cinerama, and will be bringing movies back to the very, very big screen.