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Wait, are the Seattle Sonics actually coming back?

Dennis Johnson, Sonics v. Suns, circa 1979
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We might be closer to the Sonics returning to Seattle than we thought. This year we're streaming Sundance. There are more contagious variants of Covid-19, how worried should we be? And a voice of the pandemic.

The Sonics are back again, maybe?

The Seattle Sonics, were around for 40 years and then poof! gone in 2008. Sonics fans have longed for the return and apparently there's a higher probability that they are actually coming back. Bill Radke spoke with Geoff Baker, Seattle Times sports enterprise and investigative reporter about the odds and impact of the potential return.

Streaming Sundance Film Festival

Film festivals still happen in pandemics, they just occur online. Bill Radke spoke with Vivian Hua, Executive Director of the Northwest Film Forum about their partnership, opening night must sees, and missing in person movie going.

On understanding the new variant of Covid-19

B-1-1-7, a Covid-19 variant is considered to be more contagious than the more common strain of the virus. The first case was detected in Snohomish county this past weekend. Bill Radke spoke with Pavitra Roychoudhury a computational biologist at UW about detecting variants and what that means for vaccine rollouts.

Confronting Black grief with Black joy

As a full spectrum doula, Davinah Simmons holds space for both life and death. 2020 saw disproportionate levels of Black death, from the novel coronavirus and from ongoing police brutality. Davinah Simmon shared her story for KUOW’s Voices of the Pandemic series.

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