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Too soon! Arts and culture reporter Mike Davis leaves KUOW for WBEZ in Chicago

caption: KUOW's Mike Davis outside UW's Henry Art Gallery
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KUOW's Mike Davis outside UW's Henry Art Gallery
KUOW Photo/John O'Brien

KUOW’s All Things Considered host Kim Malcolm always looks forward to Thursdays. That’s when she gets to talk with arts and culture reporter Mike Davis about upcoming events.

Alas, those days have come to a close. Mike is heading off soon to join the arts desk at WBEZ in Chicago. Here, Kim and Mike discuss upcoming events one last time, and the future of Seattle’s art scene.

The Soul of Seattle, Block 41

A general ticket lets you sample some of the best (and Black-owned) restaurants in the city. Twenty Black chefs and beverage leaders will take part in this year’s event, and DJ Twilight will provide music. Proceeds will support local nonprofits.

Born with Teeth, Arts West

Shakespeare is making yet another appearance on a Seattle stage this season with a production that places the legendary playwright next to fellow Elizabethan writer Christopher Marlowe. The pair are collaborating on a play cycle that navigates the perils of a totalitarian regime. Set in a pub, the two wordsmiths explore themes of ambition, history, and of course – friendship.

A Case for the Existence of God, ACT Theater

Most reviews call this play a real heartbreaker. Two men, opposites in almost every way, find themselves face-to-face in the loan office of a bank. This production dives into hard-hitting themes of the American Dream and who can access it, parenthood, financial security, and empathy. In our current financial climate, this play will tug at the souls of plenty of audience members.

Mike's list of arts organizations he hopes will thrive in the coming years:

Acts On Stage

Seattle Public Theater

Theatre Off Jackson

Arts West

And some events he plans to attend on trips back to Seattle:

Fat Ham, Seattle Rep

Back to the Future: The Musical, The Paramount Theatre

Listen to the interview by clicking the play button above.

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